Misson | Vision




The Feisty Panda club has a goal of getting 100,000 women familiar and involved directly or indirectly in the NFT space.

That is why we are leading by example and deploying our first NFT collection called “Feisty Panda club” which is a female black and white panda bear with amazing features.

With the purchase of our unique NFTs you are helping this dream come true, plus you will get a bunch of benefits that come with owning a Non-Fungible Token..

Utilities | Roadmap

Phase one: Music & Power

Phase two: Art & Fashion

Phase three: Games

Early access to exclusive Non-Fungible Techno sets by world’s best female DJs.

Early access to Exclusive Non-fungible Powerful women booklet series by world’s most talented Women.

Exclusive access to the first Metaverse fashion show runway by the top female fashion designers.

Exclusive access to the first Metaverse NFT art gallery by the top female NFT artists.

Club members compete to win on top metaverse games (not-for-long) dominated by men.

Our Roadmap

Feisty Panda’s mission is to build an inclusive world where women have the necessary tools to learn in-depth about cryptocurrency, NFTs, DeFi, Blockchain, web3 and the Metaverse. According to research conducted by Bloomberg, female artists accounted for just 5% of all NFT sales. Feisty Panda is on a mission to change this statistic.


Each NFT will be generated and dropped to capture a rare glimpse into the daily experience of women, the obstacles that hold them back, and the dreams that propel them forward. The NFTs will represent different women and their unique walk of life.


We plan to donate 10% of NFT sales to Kode With Klossy an organization that promotes women in STEM. Together, we can build opportunities for women to be owners, creators, and collaborators in this new era of the web. 


With cool projects out there but very few of them have a long term plan. Celebrities being used to pump projects. Projects sell and move on. That’s not us. We’re looking for the passionate crowd of buyers, HODLers and flippers that want to support our growing community and supporting women. With a great road map that will hit all the checklists with everyone. There are some great projects out there that do this, but not enough of them.



When you buy a Feisty Panda, you’re not simply buying an avatar or a women-made unique piece of art but, also your panda will serve you as a digital identity that identifies you as a member of this club, opening a world of possibilities and opportunities.


Feisty Panda is a unique and high-performance community, by holding a token you gain exclusive access to the yearly event, health and fitness workshops, educational courses about NFT'S and more. You will able to network with the most renowned businesswomen, listen to professional speakers and attend our events.


The Feisty Panda club supports women unconditionally, therefore, we are giving away 10% of every Feisty Panda product transaction to women supportive groups. Here are a list of them.